Today, yo.

Blogging will resume as normally scheduled now.

Wait, what’s normal?!


Huge shout-out to my Dutch family for coming over on short notice today. It made my brother extremely happy… and even though at first I didn’t want to socialize at all, and I was incredibly awkward, I’m glad you all came. Second shout out to that family member that pointed out I can carry a knife here. Thank you! 🙂

Overall, today was pretty awesome. It wasn’t a huge deal (obviously), but my day was good. Thank you so much to everyone who took time to say happy birthday to me- from my airport friends to Dutch family to my best friends to my CyberPatriot team. All of you, everyone, y’all are awesome. ♥14804878_1239880182719872_1304026081_n

There were flags- but no confetti balloons… the store was sold out. *sad face*. Oh well, it was pretty awesome either way. I saw a bunch of people who haven’t seen me in person in years, and I got a big duck. You think I’m kidding? Full sized glass for scale.

Well, I’m going to continue Skyping my CyberPatriot friends. Or well, Google Hangouts because Skype failed us. And then watch the third (and final) presidential debate! Happy Birthday to me, I get to watch the circus! Har har.

Oh, and I totally can’t do this European kissing everyone to greet them thing anymore *internally freaks out in American*.

Have an amazing day, everyone♥