The one about small successes.

Hey everyone.

In my post yesterday, you got to read all about my struggles and doubts. Today… I’m a little more positive. I’m still exhausted- and I still have my streak of not falling asleep before 0500, but that’s beside the point. I had a small, successful human interaction today!

Now you may be thinking, this is a girl that’s graduated from high school. She’s an adult. Why is this such a big deal? Well; it is. I paid for groceries in a store by myself. I mean- I did copy exactly what the person in  front of me did and said, but it worked. It was a small victory for me. Sometimes those help a little.

I still don’t think I’d be comfortable having a conversation with someone given today I also saw someone that looked vaguely familiar and she started talking to me. I tried to politely say “I have no idea who you are”… come to realize this was one of my old teachers here. About 12 years ago. And in a different store I accidentally scratched the cute cashier with my thumbnail trying to grab the reciept.

In summary: I’m still a mess. But I’m a slightly more confident mess.

Keep calm and carry on, y’all.


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