Sadness Poem

I have a friend, she’s not the happiest.

I try, and I try to cheer her up. To show her life. To show her happiness. Not much works. But then I remember my times, times like September 18, 2012. Times like when I wrote this poem.

Can you drown yourself in a desert?
Yes. You could.
You could drown of depression.
With a fake smile on your face,
While in reality your heart wants to die.
Crying for help on the inside,
Helping everyone else on the outside.
Trying to stay happy,
While being eaten away deep inside your soul.
That fake smile,
That fake laugh,
Covering up that all-too-real truth.
Nobody notices you,
Nobody can tell.
You’re scared to speak out,
Afraid to be truly be heard.
You’ve been hurt too much,
So you’ve learned to stay low.
To keep away from society,
To fake that smile,
Unlike speaking your mind.

So, I try to remember the times I wasn’t… me… when I talk to her. I realize I was once like her. Sad, afraid, unconfident (well.. I still am— a little), and just… depressed.

I try to help her.. but it never seems to work. Maybe she’ll realize.. I hope.

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