“I Am Invisible” (Poem)

I wrote this poem in 2014, a time I felt invisible. A time I felt nothing would get better. But, it did. I no longer feel invisible all the time, and I found my happiness in the world. Nevertheless, enjoy the poem.

I am an invisible person.
I try to speak up, but no one hears me.
I try to stand out, but all I do is stand in a corner.
I stand away from the crowd.
Some people judge me silently, others judge me aloud.
I want to cry, but I can’t.
I’m past crying.
I’m in tears as I stand alone, walk alone, sit alone.
I’m falling apart, slowly crumbling away.
Nobody seems to notice.
Nobody seems to care.
I dream one day to be like her, with all her friends.
But today, I am not.
Tomorrow, I will not be.
I am an invisible person, and no one wants to see me.
No one wants to see the real me.


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