The story of a girl who learned, in a way, to become a lion.

I started this website as a blog in April 2016 when I was gifted a stuffed animal lion- Simba from “The Lion King”. I decided I’d bring Simba on adventures. Simba’s first trip was to Chicago, Illinois. During that trip, I realized something.

“Lions are typically considered to be one of the strongest animals. Or perhaps, most fierce. So, I like to think of myself like a lion. Strong. Fierce. An over-comer. Yet, gentle. Because, everyone sees some shit in life. But, it gets better. As stereotypical as that may sound. Really… Everyone can find their lion. My inspiration just happened to… actually be a lion.”

My journeys, thoughts, accomplishments, everything… They’re all here on the blog. So hop on over to the blog tab if you want to read more! I’ve been blogging since April 2016, so there’s plenty to read.

I also do some pretty cool stuff sometimes. Sometimes, that cool stuff gets a tab of its own. NASA is about the time I interned at the Johnson Space Center, and Civil Air Patrol is about… well.. Civil Air Patrol.

Then there’s robotics, which highlights my involvement in FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) programs. I coach a FIRST Robotics Competition team, and I volunteer with all levels.

There’s also photography, which will take you to my photography website. I do photography under “Elegant Element Photos”. I can’t quite figure out (yet) how to get it to open in a new tab… so beware that it opens in the same tab. Sorry!

Last, every website needs an about me page! That’s what who is the lion? is all about. Me! You can learn some fun facts, read a little about me, and find my email address. Please don’t send me spam, I’ll have to return the favor.

Don’t be confused though, life isn’t all accomplishments and fun stuff. There will be times on my blog where I talk about serious things like mental health and sadness. Because this is life. This is the real world. I don’t want to hide behind a social media blanket.

Thanks for checking out my website. Thanks for taking the time to click on the link in my bio, type out what was on the business card I handed you, or just stumble upon it. I hope you stay a while!

“I really just hope for this to be an inspiration to others. For others to find their lion. Or owl, gazelle, octopus, eagle, stork, anything. For others to keep fighting, to find life’s beauty, to be strong”.